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Who are we? 

Health & Safety Transformation Limited is part of a wider group of professional consultants (Transformation Management Systems) dedicated to assisting businesses improve on their existing systems or implementing new concepts.

Our logo

Our logo illustrates how we assist organisations gather diverse (and often opposing) business policies, procedures, systems and methodologies into a company-wide effort where all organisational management systems head in the same direction.


Health and Safety 

We are a group of health and safety professionals who have years of experience in assisting our customers meet their obligations under health and safety legislation, regulations and Codes of Practice, etc. 

We have recognised qualifications in Occupational Safety & Health (Massey University), The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) auditing systems, Australian and US Auditing programmes (Ballarat University), Human Factors (Keil Centre, Scotland) and are members of New Zealand and international health & safety professional bodies, e.g. New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM) and the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) - the biggest health and safety membership organisation in the world.

We have assisted many of our client organisations, both Small-to-Medium (SMEs) and large companies to meet their obligations and responsibilities under the current Health and Safety At Work Act 2015 (HSWA 2015) “The Act”.


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